Environmental Sustainability

Building SA into a resourceful state

Royal Park Salvage actively backs the State Government’s aim for South Australia to become “the resourceful state”.

Research shows that about 65 per cent of all recyclable materials are now being diverted from landfill, which puts SA at the forefront of waste recycling in Australia.

Our state still has a way to go, as Government figures show that around 1.2 million tonnes of waste still goes to landfill. Royal Park Salvage does its best to close that gap. New and more energy efficient project developments that are important for the future of the planet, start with demolition machinery and muscle.

“On a per capita basis, SA is the national recycling leader because of our strong performance in the construction and demolition recycling and resource recovery sector.”
– Environment and Conservation Minister, Gail Gago (March 2007)

We respect your environmental concerns

An increasing trend, especially from Government Agencies and Councils, is the attention paid to our Green Star Rating to identify how much we are recycling.

We achieve our Green Star Rating through another member of our company structure – Adelaide Resource Recovery at Wingfield. More than 80 per cent of removed materials are recycled through Adelaide Resource Recovery, a proven leader in the recovery of construction and demolition waste.

Adelaide Resource Recovery is our dedicated company that receives and processes the construction and demolition waste from our projects – returning them for re-use in the building industry. (www.arr.net.au)

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