Contaminated Soil Removal & Remediation

Royal Park Salvage is able to assist clients in the remediation of contaminated land. We have the resources to either remediate on site or replace contaminated fill/soils dependent upon client requirements and the type and extent of contamination encountered.

If clients have a contamination issue on their site, Royal Park Salvage is able to offer quality service at excellent rates. As part of the Jurkovic Group of companies, Royal Park Salvage is in partnership with Adelaide Resource Recovery. We have the ability to remove contaminated fill and soils and replace with clean fill at exceptionally competitive rates.

Our flagship remediation project at the Findon landfill site was the first of its kind in Australia. The seven hectare site footprint was excavated to 5 metres deep and over 500,000 tonne of buried waste was removed to our sister company, Adelaide Resource Recovery. Processing this waste at Adelaide Resource Recovery more than 90% of the waste was recycled. The $30M+ project remediated the entire site to NEPM A standards where now a housing precinct is thriving on the old rubbish dump footprint… a win for the entire Findon community.

Notable projects for site remediation include the new Adelaide Oval.


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