Salvaged Building Materials

Royal Park Salvage was one of South Australia‘s first specialist recyclers in the 1950s, a decade when typical demolition involved knocking down a building and dumping everything into landfill.

Founded in 1957, Royal Park Salvage embarked on a pioneering recycling process identifying the opportunity to rescue and re-use component parts of old buildings, especially classic features and character items like fireplaces, windows and doors. These items take pride of place in many thousands of renovated and new homes throughout our State.

Royal Park Salvage began this recycling in a time when there were no Government incentives to recover worthwhile building products.

Today, recycling and resource reuse is an established part of the Australian construction industry. Royal Park Salvage, and the group of companies to which it belongs, remain active investors and leaders in an array of initiatives in the construction recycling industry.

The Royal Park Salvage YARD:

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