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Lot Fourteen, Stage 3b Dental School Demolition

Renewal SA
Lot Fourteen, Stage 3b Dental School Demolition
March 2019 – August 2019

Key Deliverables

  • High profile project
  • Multi-stage deconstruction

Project Overview

The Stage 3B Dental School demolition was a monumental and significant demolition project for the Lot Fourteen precinct. The demolition was a high-profile project as it was located on a busy public interface along Frome Road in Adelaide. The 9-storey building had a maximum height of 30m on the western frontage and required a complex multi-disciplined demolition over the basement.

Royal Park Salvage (RPS) was required to manage a number of challenges on this project including:

  • High level consultation with Lot Fourteen precinct, neighbouring business and residences and the Adelaide City Council
  • High level demolition within stringent site access and boundary hoarding constraints
  • Public safety along Frome Road and within the Lot Fourteen precinct
  • Multi-staged mechanical demolition inline with certified demolition methodology
  • At the peak of the project there was up to 45 workers being managed on site


Stakeholder management
Stakeholder management was a critical component throughout the planning, procurement and execution of the demolition project. With the support from Renewal SA, Royal Park Salvage provided a high level of consultation and communication to the Lot Fourteen precinct contractors and builders on site, SA Pathology, University of Adelaide, Uni SA and neighbouring residence on North Terrace. This was proven successful as Royal Park Salvage was the first contractor at the Lot Fourteen site to obtain a permit from the Adelaide City Council to bulk load out material at night. This was achieved through detailed planning and consultation with all the stakeholders affected by the works.

Public Safety
The 30-meter frontage of the western façade was located on the footpath of Frome Road imposing a challenging risk for Royal Park Salvage to manage thorough the project. Road (C) alongside the building was also the main access / egress point for the public and contractors into the precinct. Royal Park Salvage identified public safety as the biggest risk and most important element through the planning and procurement of the project. Royal Park Salvage implemented safety controls such as full height scaffolding and B-Type hoarding for pedestrian and cyclist access on Frome Road. Traffic controllers and dust suppression were other safety controls in place to manage the day to day public safety.

Multi-Staged Mechanical Demolition
The Dental Hospital consisted of several different sized buildings that had been constructed as additions over several decades. The different buildings ranged from 4-9 storeys and each encompassed alternating structural components. In order to demolish the building a well planned and detailed methodology with the input of a structural engineer was constructed and effectively executed to safely bring down the building in 12 stages.


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