House Demolition

Reduce risk and reduce stress

Royal Park Salvage provides a quick, easy and convenient service to demolish your old house. Our experience in managing demolition projects demonstrates that planning ahead to manage environmental and local neighbourhood issues is a high priority to satisfy the requirements of Government and Local Government authorities.

Home Demolition can be a doorway to the unknown…
Trust our experts … if you begin demolition without understanding hidden complexities, you enter a minefield of physical and legal risk.

Decades of experience, with successfully completed residential demolition project numbers in the thousands, Royal Park Salvage has the capacity to manage and assume complete responsibility of your demolition project. You provide the details of the site and its history, as well as your requirements; we eliminate the risks of asbestos and/or other hazardous substances, the risks to neighbouring properties and the risks to personal safety.

House Demolition is carried out to all government regulations to:

  • Meet timing and budget deadlines for your project
  • Comply with all requirements so there are no public embarrassments

Experience cannot be created overnight – and our management and staff are the prime reason for our long term success.

In a potentially noisy and dusty business like demolition, it pays to treat your neighbours with great respect. When neighbours are kept well informed, it leads to better local values and greater acceptance of your project. Professionally developed check lists are made available to customers to assist in the process.

Paper work for regulatory compliance

Site risk assessments

Job safety analysis

Site security

Comprehensive reporting to meet customer requirements

Systems to guarantee performance


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