Adelaide Airport

adelaide airport
Adelaide Airport
Adelaide Airport
July 2014

Remove the Qantas Food Preparation Building and undertake the civil works required to prepare the area for use as a long term car park.

To accommodate the requirements for an additional long term car park at Adelaide Airport, Qantas was required to relocate their food preparation building.

Due to our specialist skills in asbestos removal, (the cool rooms within the building had asbestos lining throughout) and our ability to complete the civil works, Royal Park Salvage were engaged to manage the entire demolition and civil works process.

Given the presence of asbestos, an internal strip out of the building was undertaken to ensure the building was safe prior to machine demolition. The asbestos was then carefully loaded for removal inside the building, to ensure no debris or dust entered the flight path, as no changes to the flight schedule were made to accommodate this work.

The demolition element of this project was managed at such a rate that would continue to ensure dust and debris did not impinge airport airspace.

The corner of the building to be demolished also housed a live electrical transformer that supplied the control tower, so the Royal Park Salvage team needed to provide extra care and safety for every facet of this demolition.

Once the building was safely removed, recycled rubble from Adelaide Resource Recovery was bought in and used to lay the foundation for the car park base. The site was then compacted with certified back fill.

All waste from the project was taken back to Adelaide Resource Recovery and approximately 90% of this was recycled.


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