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  • Bowden 354 Apartments – Bulk Excavations And Detailed Civil

Bowden 354 Apartments – Bulk Excavations And Detailed Civil

civil work
Buildtec Construction
June 2018– April 2019

Key Deliverables

  • Bulk excavation
  • Detailed excavations
  • Restricted access
  • 63,000 tonnes of material in and out of site

Project Overview

Bowden 354 required a double level basement to be excavated boundary to boundary. Being at the later stages of the overall Bowden redevelopment there were multiple challenges in completing these works. The site was surrounded by 3 fully operations apartment complexes, 2 construction sites and Plant 4 Bowden. The pre-construction soil testing showed that there was no contamination on site, however it was noted that there may be pockets of slag from the old gas works. During excavation works RPS uncovered 20,000t of the contaminated slag throughout the site. This created logistical complications as RPS had to create numerous stockpiles throughout the site. There was a total of 80,000t with over 2000 truck movements on site.

Royal Park Salvage (RPS) was required to manage a number of challenges on this project including:

  • Multi-storey apartments along 2 of the site boundaries
  • Complex logistics and planning for efficient demolition
  • Site restraints including restricted access / room
  • Undisclosed contamination


Stakeholder management
With the site being located in the heart of Bowden, and this project being one of the last major developments within the newly developed area, there was a high level of stakeholder engagement required whilst undertaking these works. RPS worked in closely with BuildTec to ensure the neighbours where constantly updated on the status of our programme and to ensure there was prior notice for all major stages of works.

Limited Site Footprint
The bulk excavation works at Bowden was boundary to boundary with a total depth of 8m. To minimise disturbance to the surrounding roadways, and to allow other works to commence on site during the bulk earthworks RPS worked in with Buildtec to build internal ramps onto site. Throughout the project the ramp was maintained and relocated to work in with Buildtecs overall program. The final stage of our works was to return to site and excavate the ramp from the road. This required stringent consultation with the council and neighbouring properties.


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