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Parks Community Centre
Early 2013 - April 2015

On 26 May 2012 the State Government announced it would provide $28.7 million to redevelop The Parks Community Centre, to transform it into a sport and community hub for future generations.

The project was based around refocusing the facility to be a community asset and ensuring that both recreational and community services continued to be provided.

The new facilities to be built included:

  • An upgraded Sports Centre incorporating a new indoor swim centre with two pools and children’s splash pad, refurbished indoor recreation centre, gym and fitness centre together with a new main entry and café.
  • A new Public Plaza incorporating playground.
  • Refurbished theatres.
  • A refurbished and extended Children’s Centre.
  • Development of 6.84 hectares of open space including two new soccer pitches (one natural turf and the other artificial) with associated facilities.
  • Development of a new Health and SA Dental facility.

After an extensive tender process, Royal Park Salvage was awarded the demolition contract for this job, which began in April 2013 and was completed by December 2014.

The scope of work for this demolition was divided up into two stages.

Stage 1

  • Friable and non friable asbestos was removed according to current regulations and procedures
  • Internal strip out of old swimming centre and changing rooms
  • Demolition of the indoor pool whilst maintaining the building structure above the pool.
  • Certified level 1 backfill and compaction of the pool areas to allow for new building construction.
  • Backfilling of the basement with recycled pm 2/20 rubble in 200mm layers under level 1 supervision – building the ground back up to required height.
  • Site clearing; bitumen, pavement and trees from the site to allow for the new building construction.

Stage 2
This included demolition of 2 x three storey buildings. The process (order) of work for these demolitions was:

  • Removal of the asbestos vinyl tiles, eaves lining and cladding, for which Royal Park Salvage received a clearance certificate from an independent assessor.
  • Strip out all of the remaining furniture, carpet, windows, skirting boards and ceilings in readiness for machine demolition. Removing these materials using the bobcat and manual labour produces cleaner segregated waste loads and enables a cleaner recycled product to be produced.
  • Removal of the roof sheets, (using an excavator), demolishing and loading out the external non structural walls to reduce the overall height of the building. The suspended concrete slabs were post tensioned, requiring the cables to be released under a controlled environment. Once the structure was brought down to ground level the concrete was then broken up and transported offsite for recycling.
  • A toilet block and a single storey office building were also demolished using the above listed process.

The scope of work included demolishing a building that shared a wall with a building that was to be retained. As such, the adjoining wall was saw cut and then demolished by hand. The roof was removed to create a physical separation between buildings. The building marked for demolition was then demolished accordingly.

All waste from the project was taken to Adelaide Resource Recovery to be recycled.
Approximately 90% of all C&D waste was recycled.


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