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Realm Apartments – Demolition And Civil

Maxcon Construction
September 2017– August 2018

Key Deliverables

  • Heritage façade retention
  • Demolition
  • Bulk excavation
  • Detailed excavations
  • Restricted access

Project Overview

The Realm apartments site was originally apart of the Renaissance Arcade, and was predominantly the food court area which had a large number of restaurants with kitchens etc. The buildings that were demolished formed 95% of the entire site with the perimeter walls running boundary to boundary across the site. One of the buildings that was marked for demolition had a heritage façade, RPS were engaged to design and install a façade retention system to ensure the stability of the heritage façade during demolition and construction works. The bulk excavation required RPS to excavate 12m deep, which created multiple challenges due to the close proximity of neighbouring buildings, and it was not possible to maintain a one to one batter. The civil works required regular redesigning to ensure stability of the batter design. Part of the civil scope also required RPS to work around 89 piles throughout the site, which had to be cut and demolished progressively during the excavation works, this created multiple logistical challenges for the site.

Royal Park Salvage (RPS) was required to manage a number of challenges on this project including:

  • heritage façade retention
  • Multi-storey hotel to the rear of the site
  • Complex logistics and planning for efficient demolition
  • Site restraints including restricted access / room
  • Ground water


Heritage Façade Retention
As part of the scope, RPS were engaged to design and construct a temporary heritage façade retention structure for one of the buildings on site. The design stage of the façade retention presented a few challenges, as the design had to consider the bulk excavation that was to commence shortly after, and to ensure the design did not clash with the structural components of the new build.

RPS had all the steel fabricated off site by RPS boilermakers. With a road closure in place RPS had 200T of steel on the road, and was delivered to site and installed straight off the back of the truck. Due to the high level of co-ordination the retention system was completed in under 6 hours.


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