Tonsley Park

Tonsley Park 1
Tonsley Park
Tonsley Park
Mid 2012- Late 2015

Demolition and remediation of the former Mitsubishi Motors site began in Mid 2012. Initially, 49,400m2 of asbestos deep 6 cladding was safely removed followed by the complete demolition of a 26,940m2 building (the former main car assembly manufacturing plant). Asbestos removal and demolition was completed in 2014. In total, 17,000t of concrete was removed and sent for recycling and crushing into a range of rubble materials.

Civil and Construction
An architecturally designed, 190m long, 4m high structural steel retaining wall was installed by RPS and created many unique challenges, including the need to drill into solid rock to provide the necessary structural supports.

Construction of stage 1 access roads including sewer, stormwater, potable and non-potable water was completed between early 2014 and December 2014. This involved the installation of over 2km of pipe work.

14,000m2 of building base preps were constructed for buildings including SIEC (Sustainable Industries Education Centre) and other tenancies. This involved removal of existing concrete from the old Mitsubishi factory, recompacting of subgrade and importing ARR recycled rubble to provide the stable base upon which building could take place.

Tonsley Park is now fully operational, serving as a valuable education resource for South Australia.


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